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                             Please read and accept the terms and conditions
                                                   to proceed with your order

>.The driver must have a valid driver's license

>.Daily rates apply to each consecutive 24-hours period

Traffic Fines &Road Fees
  • Customer should be responsible for all fines and toll notices.
  • Payment Method: All bills will be collected directly from customer‘s credit card. This can happen within a few weeks after the vehicle returns.
  • Nomination of the bills: If the credit card provided by customer is unavailable, the bill(s) will be nominated to the customer. An extra administration fee will happen in this case (normally $ 30 for every ticket/notice).

Mileage Fee
  • $0.2/km after 150km/day(For local customer only)
  • Cross state drop off will be charged based on the location.
Potential Charges
  • Cleaning Fee: Smoking is prohibited in all Cheapa vehicles. If there is smell of smoke or cigarette's ashes in the vehicle when it returns, Cheapa will charge $110 cleaning fee. The same fee will be applied when there is mud or rubbishes in the vehicle.
  • Fuel Fee: Charges will apply if the vehicle returns with less Fuel than the Check Out Fuel Reading; additional $30 administration fee applicable.
  • Lost key Fee: It will incur a charge equal to the replacement cost.
  • Late return: A $20 penalty per day will apply continuously 7 Days after due date. This penalty will continue to be incurred until such time the Full Amount of rental arrears is extinguished.
Insurance, Liability & Deposit
The deposit will refund within 7 ~ 30 days after car returned.

Subject to Terms and Conditions Printed on Reverse Side

Any accident must be reported within twenty-four (24) hours and accompanied by a police report. Should the hirer(s) fail to comply with any conditions of this contract, all losses and damages suffered by the owner arising out of such failure shall be borne by and paid for by the hirer(s). Subject to the terms & conditions contained on the front and reverse hereof of which the hirer(s) acknowledges that they are aware, the hirer agrees to rent the above vehicle and elects to pay all amounts payable under this agreement by the method of payment of which details are given on this document. The hirer(s) accept responsibility for all traffic violations. A $20 administration fee will apply for any unpaid fines or to delayed process of infringement For courtesy car, the customer should take the Liability on accident. The excess fee is $1500. All terms in conflict with Ctrip and Chic Car Rent are subject to the terms of order from the third party.
Maintaining water and oil levels is the hirer's) responsibility. Any cost incurred will be reimbursed upon production of a receipt. Should any malfunction of the vehicle occur, any sign of overheating, you must stop the vehicle immediately or you will be held liable and loss of bond may occur.
driver licence
Credit card front
Credit card back


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